SK Telecom revenue up 4.7%, EBITDA grows 1.7% in Q3

SK Telecom mobile techSK Telecom has posted revenue of KRW 4.4427 trillion (+4.7 percent), operating income of KRW 392.4 billion (–7.5 percent), EBITDA of KRW 1,209 trillion (+1.7 percent) and net income of KRW 793 billion (+146.2 percent) in the third quarter 2017.

The marginal growth in revenue was driven by more wireless network subscribers as well as stronger performances of its subsidiaries including SK Broadband and SK Planet.

The decrease in operating income was due to its increased marketing expenses and depreciation costs.

The company added 705,000 subscribers compared to the same period last year, bringing its total to 30.16 million by the end of the third quarter. Among them, LTE data users account for 74.8 percent, or 22.57 million.

SK Brandband’s revenue increased 1.2 percent to KRW 760.2 billion due to in IPTV subscription and paid content sales. It recorded operating income of KRW 29.8 billion. Oksusu, a mobile media platform of SK Telecom, added 630,000 subscribers, reaching 8.11 million.

SK Planet’s revenue reached KRW 285.1 billion (+5.8 percent) due to growth of its online commerce business 11st. Better performance has contributed to the reduction of its loss to KRW 55.2 billion, a decrease of KRW 41.4 billion from a year ago.

SK Telecom explored opportunities in new businesses such as AI, IoT and autonomous driving, to lay the foundation for its mid- and long-term growth. The company extended its artificial intelligence-based platform NUGU to T Map and Kids Phone, delivering the enhanced convenience to customers, while helping the platform build up more data for voice recognition.

The company’s IoT business partnered with 30 construction companies to apply its smart home service to 13,000 households. SK Telecom’s smart home system connects with 350 home appliances produced by 65 makers.