SK Telecom revolutionizes voice and data tariff plans

SK Telecom will unveil new price plans on May 20, 2015 to its mobile subscribers.

The telecom service provider is offering Band Data plans in eight different tiers depending on the amount of data and additional services for customer needs.

Band Data users – ranging from KRW 29,900/month to KRW 100,000/month – can make unlimited voice calls on both LTE and 3G smartphone users. SK Telecom is the first mobile carrier in Korea to offer unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls and unlimited mobile-to-landline calls.

Band Data 36, 42, 47, 51 come with 1.2GB, 2.2GB, 3.5GB and 6.5GB of data, respectively, which is the largest amount of data allowance in Korea, said SK Telecom.

SK Telecom
The company will offer unlimited data for customers who sign up for Band Data plans priced KRW 61,000 or higher. Users of Band Data 61, 80 and 100 will get 11GB, 20GB, 35GB of data per month, respectively. Once they exceed their monthly data cap, they will get 2GB of data every day. Data usage exceeding this limit will be offered at a speed of 3Mpbs.

The telecom service provider will offer free live video streaming of B TV Mobile to all Band Data users. SK Telecom will offer eight different types of contents (TV, cartoon, game, sports, etc.) of T Freemium Plus to Band Data 51 or higher priced plans.
Band Data 80 and 100 come with a VIP membership, T Freemium Plus, free mobile phone insurance, and up to 15,000 OK Cashbag points.

SK Telecom will provide a special data sharing program for its Band Data plan subscribers who own more than one smartphone. The company will offer up to 2GB of data that can be shared across up to four different smartphones under his/her name. Among SK Telecom’s 1.7 million smartphone subscribers, 2 million own a second smartphone.

Baburajan K
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