SK Telecom to demo AI and 6G at Mobile World Congress 2023

SK Telecom announced that it will showcase innovative ICT such as AI, urban air mobility (UAM) and 6G at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023) in Barcelona, Spain.
SK Telecom to expand LTE speed

AI technologies & services

SKT will display 10 AI technologies and services, including an AI model named A.; AI semiconductor SAPEON; Vision AI for robot, security, media and medical services; location AI solution LITMUS; and medical AI service X Caliber.

The company will demonstrate A. applied with long-term memory technology that remembers old information to make natural conversations, and multi-modal technology that can understand complex information such as text, photos and voice.

SK Telecom will also introduce innovative technologies developed through collaboration with its AI partners, including Konan Technology, Moloco, Bespin Global, Swit and Phantom AI.

Urban Air Mobility

By combining UAM aircraft built based on the eVTOL aircraft of Joby Aviation, SKT’s exclusive partner in the UAM business, and a virtual experience simulator, the company takes visitors on an immersive virtual flight over the skies of Seoul and Busan.

With mobility service platform TMAP, visitors will be able to experience planning their overall trip that involves multiple modes of transportation, charging of aircraft batteries, as well as infotainment services during flights.

They can also pilot the UAM aircraft simulator and use SKT’s self-developed 4D trajectory-based flight control platform to estimate trajectory and prevent collision via route deviation alert.

SK Telecom will display a technology that uses drones to verify the quality of aerial networks, which is essential for stable operation of UAM services, along with its vision of expanding UAM into the logistics business.

Advanced technologies in 5G & 6G, metaverse and quantum cryptography

SK Telecom will showcase diverse next-generation mobile network technologies such as transparent antenna technology that can improve frequency performance in 5G as well as 6G candidate bands; intelligent network that provides improved performance through the application of AI and cloud technologies; and infrastructure applied with energy-saving technology.

SK Telecom invites visitors to experience ifland, a metaverse service launched in the global market. Visitors can create their own space in the virtual world, invite other users, and have fun designing clothes for their avatars.

SK Telecom will show how its quantum cryptography technologies can help strengthen security in an era where the real and virtual worlds are closely connected and AI technologies are widely adopted.

Innovations for ESG at 4YFN

SKT will introduce innovative ideas and technologies of 14 social startups it is partnering with as well as its own ESG projects under the slogan of Think Tomorrow, Do ESG.

SK Telecom will display AI services designed to help the socially weak such as AI Care, an AI-based care service for seniors living alone, G-EYE PLUS with VLAM, a navigation service for people with visual impairments (SKT & LBStech & SAPEON), Sullivan Plus, an AI-based visual-aid service (SKT & Tuat), and Goyohan M, an ICT-based mobility platform for deaf cab drivers (SKT & Coactus).

SK Telecom will introduce services of innovative startups that have received investment from the ESG fund operated by SKT or have been selected as excellent companies in ESG.