SK Telecom to demo innovative technologies and services at MWC 2022

SK Telecom, the leading mobile network operator in South Korea, has revealed details about its innovative technologies and services being showcased at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2022.
SK Telecom to expand LTE speed
“We have designed an exhibition that provides visitors with an intuitive experience of the future world where reality is converged with  virtual reality,” said Park Kyu-hyun, Vice President and Head of Digital Communication at SKT. “We expect visitors to MWC Barcelona 2022 to meet the future ICT world through SKT’s diverse technologies and services.”


SKT’s metaverse platform called Ifland is gaining popularity in Korea. SK Telecom will unveil the global and head-mounted display (HMD) versions of Ifland to allow visitors to experience a more immersive virtual world.

Visitors will be able to experience Metaverse Gallery, a service where they can gather in the metaverse to enjoy docent-guided tours of digital art galleries, as well as Metaverse K-pop Concert that offers a realistic and immersive volumetric concert experience via a HMD.

SK Telecom will also introduce Jump Studio, a mixed reality capture studio that creates volumetric video content, and will invite visitors to enjoy a volumetric concert realized via mixed reality technologies.


The AI Zone will showcase SK Telecom’s self-developed chip Sapeon, which enables the provision of AI services by enhancing the performance of AI data centers through computation of data. SK Telecom’s chip Sapeon uses 20 percent less power than GPU, while supporting 1.5 times faster deep learning computation.

SK Telecom’s AI speaker Nugu applied with Amazon Alexa will be on display to show how both English and Korean based AI services are being provided through a single AI speaker.

SK Telecom will demonstrate AI cameras built with Vision AI as well as Supernova, an AI-based media upscaling solution.

5G & Beyond

Since commercializing its 5G in April 2019, SK Telecom has been expanding its 5G service coverage and further advancing 5G technologies to realize hyper-connectivity. The company has also been focusing on providing strong network security by applying quantum cryptography technologies to diverse areas in collaboration with IDQ.

SK Telecom will introduce its verification of 5G SA Option 4 technology on a 5G network carried out in collaboration with Samsung Electronics. 5G Option 4 connects both 5G and 4G radios in advanced SA mode, enabling operators to utilize specialized SA functions such as network slicing, and maximize network resources.

SK Telecom will be showcasing E2E virtualized and open architecture, including cloud-native core and virtualized RAN, which significantly enhances network efficiency and agility. In addition, SK Telecom will introduce its efforts to promote Open RAN aimed at building a more competitive and vibrant RAN supplier ecosystem.

SK Telecom will demonstrate how its MEC infrastructure is being used to ensure seamless provision of high quality massive 5G services with super-fast speed and ultra-low latency through AR Car Showroom and VR Game Boost Solution.

Special Experience

The Special Experience zone will feature services applied with connected intelligence such as Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Visitors will experience a virtual trip to a future city within the metaverse via UAM through a ride on a giant robot arm.

UAM is expected to become a game changer by resolving traffic and environmental problems in megacities. SKT is accelerating its progress towards realizing UAM by leveraging its expertise in network and mobility platforms, as well as partnerships with companies from both home and abroad.

SK Telecom will introduce T Universe, a subscription service / platform that provides greater value in customer’s daily lives.


Meanwhile, SK Telecom will also showcase innovative ideas and technologies of 11 startups along with its ESG projects at 4YFN.