SK Telecom to launch IP-based RCS service called joyn.T on December 26

Telecom Lead Asia: SK Telecom on December 26 will launch an all-IP-based RCS (Rich Communication Suite) service called joyn.T.

joyn.T enables customers to use different types of communication services in an integrated manner regardless of network and device.

Its main features include Rich Call, Rich Messaging and Rich Phonebook.

While during a call, users can enjoy live video sharing and send image files, location (i.e. a map marked with the sender’s location) and contact information to the person on the other end of the line.

The phone’s text message (SMS/MMS) service has been integrated into an instant messaging service. joyn.T allows users to send/receive and manage text messages in an integrated manner, while enjoying real-time chat (or group chat) as well as exchanging contents, stickers and Gifticons.

Users can check the presence of contacts in their address book in real time and update his/her own status and profile (e.g. photos, short message, SNS address, etc,).

Customers holding one of 22 different types of Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) smartphones can use the service by downloading the free application from T Store. Upgraded versions of Android OS will also provide the joyn.T feature. In addition, joyn.T application for the Apple iOS will be launched early next year.

joyn.T enables customers to send/receive text messages at the speed and accuracy of the existing SMS text message service. joyn.T can be grown into a comprehensive service with the addition of diverse features that are developed based on the RCS standards.

The company plans to add attractive features combined with communication service, including HD Voice (VoLTE), by fully leveraging its advantage of being a telecommunications company.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom will integrate its future communications services into joyn.T and continue to develop more additional features.

The company plans to launch joyn.T 2.0, an upgraded version of joyn.T, in 2013 and extend joyn.T to PC clients in the first quarter of 2013.

joyn.T customers will be able to enjoy communicating with those of other carriers across the globe as early as next year. SK Telecom plans to link joyn.T with RCS services of other Korean carriers to enable all mobile customers to enjoy enriched communication.

“Building on its innovative features like instant messaging-SMS link, we plan to add more features to shape Joyn.T into an attractive communication channel that can be enjoyed by customers irrespective of their carrier or device,” said Wi Eui- Seok, senior vice president and head of Product Planning Office of SK Telecom.

Type Content Rate
joyn.T conversation Free instant messaging and text messaging(SMS) using joyn.T application –       KRW 20 per SMS

–       Free for 3G All-In-One /LTE flat-rate price plan subscribers who download and use joyn.T by May 31, 2013

Live video sharing Live video sharing during a call –       KRW 0.6 per second for subscribers on usage-based price plans

–       KRW 0.33 per second for subscribers on flat-rate price plans/ KRW 0.6 per second once usage exceeds user’s monthly voice allowance

–       Free for 3G All-In-One /LTE flat-rate price plan subscribers by May 31, 2013

File transmission Sending files (e.g. image, video and voice message.) while calling or instant messaging –       Data rates under each subscriber’s price plan shall apply


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