SoftBank revenue, Capex, EBITDA, ARPU in H1 2018

SoftBank has revealed the revenue, Capex, Opex, EBITDA and ARPU from its telecom operations business in Japan for the first half of 2018.
SoftBank revenue H1 2018SoftBank’s sales increased 5.2 percent to 1795.103 billion yen. Consumer revenue rose 3.7 percent to 46.247 billion yen. Distribution revenue grew 19.3 percent to 28.369 billion yen in the first half.

SoftBank said the increase in consumer revenue was due to increase in the revenues from the sale of smartphones, as well as an increase in broadband revenue. The increase in distribution revenue is mainly due to strong sales of software and PCs for enterprise customers.

SoftBank’s operating expenses rose 6.5 percent to 82.291 billion yen, mainly reflecting an increase in the cost of products. Adjusted EBITDA increased 0.4 percent to 672.735 billion yen.

Capital expenditures (Capex) of SoftBank increased 42.2 percent to 183.989 billion yen, due to its focus on expansion in service areas and improvement in the quality of LTE services in Japan.

SoftBank said total subscribers increased from the previous fiscal year-end due to smartphone additions of 953,000. SoftBank achieved growth in the number of Y!mobile, SoftBank subscribers and LINE MOBILE smartphone subscribers.

SoftBank said its ARPU declined by 40 yen to 4330 yen due to the impact of an increased proportion of Y!mobile and LINE MOBILE smartphones, both of which have a lower service charge.