SoftBank to fund innovation in smart homes, connected vehicles

Japanese telecom major SoftBank has decided to fund innovative solutions and technologies in four areas such as Smart Homes, Connected Vehicles Digital Marketing and Healthcare.

As per the SoftBank Innovation Program, the telecom operator will provide funding for prototype development, environments for test marketing and other forms of assistance – assisting shortlisted companies for joint consideration and commercialization.

At present, SoftBank Innovation Program official website is accepting applications. In addition, SoftBank is also arranging an explanation session in Tokyo, Japan, on August 19 for applicants or those planning to apply.
Softbank 4G

Innovative companies that make it to the final stage can deploy their offerings on SoftBank’s sales channels in Japan, and potentially into global markets through SoftBank Group companies such as Brightstar and Sprint.

Recently, SoftBank has tied up with Jasper, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) platform, to enable enterprises throughout Japan to deploy, manage and monetize IoT businesses.

IDC estimates that the number of connected IoT devices deployed in Japan will increase from 169 million in 2014 to 377 million in 2020.

SoftBank customers across Japan will be able to use Control Center, a cloud-based IoT platform from Jasper, to introduce new IoT services and transform their businesses.

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