Sprint and Telefonica alliance to tap targeted advertising biz

Telecom Lead: Sprint and Telefonica have formed an alliance to enable global brands to reach more than 370 million mobile customers across the U.S., Europe and Latin America with targeted advertising.

Recently, Verizon, rival of Sprint, has filed a patent application for targeting advts to TV viewers based on information collected from infrared cameras, microphones and other devices that would be able to detect the current conduct and mood of the people watching. Verizon proposes scanning conversations of viewers that are within a “detection zone” near their TV, including telephone conversations.

Telefónica Digital and Sprint’s Pinsight Media+ will deliver benefits to advertisers through increased audience reach across key regions — the U.S., Brazil, U.K. and Germany — with impactful advertising formats that are powered by customer insights.

The alliance — one of the largest in the mobile advertising world — will enable global advertisers and agencies to plan multi-country mobile campaigns.

The network will grow further in scale, particularly to include Asia.

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Telefónica Digital is already leading the Europe and Latin America markets in mobile advertising.

Associating with Sprint enables Telefonica to increase reach.

In addition to the agreement with Pinsight Media+, Telefónica has also created the Weve joint venture in the United Kingdom with Vodafone and Everything Everywhere to accelerate the development of mobile marketing and m-commerce services in that region.

Pix by: mobilemarketingwatch.com

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