Sprint Family Share Pack offers up to $720 savings

The SoftBank-promoted Sprint today said its Family Share Pack, which offers up to $720 savings, is the best family plan available as compared with offers from T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.

As per the Sprint offer, families switching to Sprint will get four lines, unlimited talk, text and 10GB of data while on the Sprint network for $100 per month from July 31.

Families can save $480/year over Verizon and $720/year over AT&T for 10GB of data.

Sprint’s 10GB is more than double the data in T-Mobile’s family plan (1GB per line).

T-Mobile said the information shared by Sprint is misleading. T-Mobile said it offers 10GB of LTE data for every single line for a total of 40GB for the family.  That means $120 for four lines.

If your family uses the 10GB of data before the end of the month, families can select Sprint’s 40GB plan for $20 more per month.
Sprint will pay off old phone and wireless contract in order to switch.

“Family members have differing data needs: music downloads, emails, movies. You have to supply the right amount of data to keep everyone under the same roof satisfied, deliver it at a price that works with the family budget, and offer to refill data affordably if the family runs low,” said Kevin Crull, chief marketing officer, Sprint.

Sprint said these new 10GB and 40GB options on this plan have no per-line data access charges ever on the first four lines when a customer switches.

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