Sprint launches Sprint mobile IP relay service

Wireless major Sprint announced the launch of Sprint
mobile IP relay that empowers users in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities
and people with speech disabilities to communicate by phone anywhere and

Sprint Mobile IP Relay, the company’s latest enhancement
to its Sprint Relay’s IP portfolio, is a free application that can be
downloaded from the Android Market onto select Android devices.

It can make and receive relay-facilitated mobile calls on
Sprint devices running on
Android OS 2.1 or higher. The app can save conversations during or after they
are completed. Available on Sprint 3G, Sprint 4G and WiFi networks, it provides
Spanish language relay calls.  

A unique 10-digit number is required to access and use
the Sprint Mobile IP application on Sprint Android devices.  

This is another offer from Sprint Relay that breaks down
communications barriers for those who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech
disabilities,” said Mike Ellis, director-Sprint Relay Services.

With Mobile IP Relay, users can have unlimited access to
relay services wherever their wireless device coverage is available,” Ellis

Earlier in the year, Sprint Relay introduced another
unique offering for Relay users called Sprint Relay ID — a bundle of
applications, links, tips, icons, widgets and wallpapers on Sprint ID-capable
Android devices. The bundle includes voice mail transcripts, visual and
vibrating alerts and readable captions available in a single download.

The launch of Sprint Relay ID marked the first time a
wireless carrier developed multiple applications in one package for the needs
of the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

The Paisley Group National Relay TTY Performance Index
ranked Sprint Relay highest in customer care and speed of service. Sprint Relay
also earned ABILITY Magazine’s Best Practices Award for its relay service and
its spirit of inclusion, both in the workplace and in the consumer marketplace.

Sprint now provides relay service to 32 states and the
federal government, in addition to New Zealand and the Commonwealth of Puerto
Rico. Sprint also provides Captioned Telephone CapTel” services to 31 states
and the federal government.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]