Sprint offers flexible wireless plans to business users

Sprint broadband
Telecom network operator Sprint today announced flexible wireless pricing plans for business users in the U.S.

Sprint’s new Business Share More plans promise more selection of data share packages and more devices and personalized solutions to organizations.

Sprint says its business package is better as compared to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile for business customers. LTE Plus Network can be used to access emails, video apps and Internet portals in more than 200 markets.

Data available under the Business Share More plans ranges from 20GB with up to 10 lines to 500GB with unlimited lines. If the customer purchases more data, they can get the data at better price per gigabyte. It will be easy to move from one plan to the next depending on your business changes in size.

Business customers can lease, purchase with 24 monthly installments, or discount with a two-year contract term to get devices. Business customers can also opt for an individual companion plan as part of the package.

Business Share More plans

# Unlimited talk and text while on the Sprint Network

Shared on-network data

International text (U.S. to international)

No minimum service term required

No line limits starting at 300GB

Add Sprint Open World for no extra charge for international travel

“Compare our plans to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, you’ll find that our plans are easier to understand and offer more value than the competition,” said Kim Green-Kerr, vice president and general manager, Small and Medium Business at Sprint.