Sprint wants users to switch to its $20 unlimited data plan

Sprint network data plan
Sprint, the SoftBank owned telecom network operator in the U.S. wants users of rivals to switch this time for the unlimited data package priced at $20 per month.

Yesterday, T-Mobile, the rival of Sprint, announced substantial growth in customer additions thanks to its attractive wireless data packages.

For $20, Sprint customers will get 1GB of high-speed data, and can opt for 2G speeds after that. Plus they can get unlimited talk and text for an additional $20 per month while on the Sprint network (excludes taxes and surcharges). Sprint Global Roaming is part of the plan.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said. “Our customers no longer have to worry about being surprised by costly data charges. We offer our Starter Unlimited Data Plan with 1GB of high-speed data and then unlimited data at 2G speeds. At any time if they need more data, customers can easily add it to their plan.”

Customers need not worry about unexpected overages. They can buy additional high speed data if and when needed.
In addition, customers on the new Sprint Family Share Pack plans also no longer have to worry about data overage charges on their monthly bill when they reach their high-speed data limit. Customers will get unlimited 2G data.

If they need more high-speed data in a month, customers have the option on the Starter Unlimited Data Plan and the Sprint Family Share Pack to buy an additional high-speed data allowance for $15 per GB of data.

Sprint is introducing a $70 Unlimited High-Speed Data Plan that includes 3GB of mobile hotspot usage and Sprint Global Roaming. They can spend $60 per line (up to 10 lines) for additional lines with the same unlimited high-speed data, talk and text.

T-Mobile’s Simple Choice unlimited talk, text and high-speed data plan is $80 per month. AT&T and Verizon no longer offer unlimited data plans.

Baburajan K
[email protected]