Sunrise Announces Salary Increases Following Negotiations with Syndicom Trade Union

Sunrise said it would be offering a 1.7 percent overall pay rise for employees covered by the Collective Employment Contract. The decision comes after constructive salary negotiations between Sunrise and its social partner, the syndicom trade union.
Sunrise 5G networkWhile Sunrise typically adopts a performance-based approach to regular pay increases, Andre Krause, CEO of Sunrise, stated, “Just like last year, we want to alleviate the financial burden caused by Switzerland’s high rate of inflation to the greatest extent possible.”

As part of this initiative, employees at lower levels will receive a fixed pay rise of 1.7 percent in 2024. For other employees covered by the Collective Employment Contract, a budget of 1.7 percent has been allocated for the year, to be distributed through a performance-based, individual approach.

Highlighting the significance of these pay rises in the current economic climate, Daniel Hügli, Director of the ICT sector at syndicom, remarked, “In the challenging economic situation, these pay rises are particularly important for the employees. The Collective Employment Contract that syndicom has agreed with Sunrise forms the basis for sustainable pay rises.”

Furthermore, Sunrise has earmarked funds for individual employees not covered by the Collective Employment Contract. In addition to regular pay increases, the company has allocated a budget for promotions and extraordinary pay rises, demonstrating its commitment to fostering a fair and rewarding work environment.