Sunrise offers 2.6% hike in salary to employees

Telecom operator Sunrise announced it will increase overall salaries for 2023 by 2.6 percent to all employees.
Sunrise 5G networkSunrise said the salary will rise by up to 2.8 percent for all employees who are subject to the Collective Employment Contract. This is the outcome of the salary negotiations between Sunrise and its social partner, the syndicom trade union. Sunrise takes a performance-oriented and individual approach to regular wage increases.

“In order to mitigate as far as possible the financial burden resulting from the effects of inflation, we will, in this special year, pass on the 2.6 percent to all employees who are subject to the Collective Employment Contract, with effect from April 2023. In addition, around 0.2 percent will be flexibly available for extraordinary wage increases in 2023,” said Andre Krause, CEO at Sunrise.

Daniel Hugli, Head of ICT sector syndicom, said: “With these wage increases, the increased cost of living for employees can be cushioned. The progressive Collective Employment Contract is the basis for this negotiation result.”

For all other employees who are not subject to the Collective Employment Contract, a budget of 2 percent within the scope of regular wage increases will be available to make individual, performance-based salary adjustments plus approx. 0.2 percent for extraordinary wage increases.