Swisscom Appoints Myriam Kaser as Head of Communications

Swisscom announced the appointment of Myriam Kaser as the new Head of Communications, marking a pivotal addition to their leadership team.
Myriam Kaser @ SwisscomMyriam Kaser, presently serving as the Head of Corporate Communications at Skyguide, is set to join the Swisscom Group Executive Board. Her role will encompass a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including internal and external communications, sponsorship, public affairs, brand management, and corporate responsibility.

Stefan Nunlist, the current Head of Swisscom Corporate Communications (CCO), will conclude his tenure on May 31, 2024. Having steered Corporate Communications at Swisscom for over two decades, Stefan Nunlist will transition to fresh responsibilities within the Group, albeit with a marginally reduced workload. This new phase includes assuming the role of Presidium of the Board of Directors at Swisscom subsidiary Cablex AG.

Effective from June 1, 2024, Myriam Kaser will assume the mantle of CCO at Swisscom, leveraging her extensive experience. During her tenure of six years at the air navigation service provider Skyguide, Kaser played a pivotal role in shaping the companies’ identities and propelling their transformation initiatives.

Myriam Kaser’s professional journey commenced as a journalist and editor before venturing into consultancy for various Swiss agencies, specializing in public affairs, PR, and branding. Her most recent role as a senior consultant and Executive Board member has fortified her strategic insights.

Myriam Kaser pursued her education in political science, international law, and Arabic studies across universities in Switzerland, the USA, England, and France. Aged 43, she resides in Zurich with her husband and two children.

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