Swisscom Deploys Netcracker Technology’s Network Domain Orchestration solution

Swisscom has implemented Netcracker Technology’s Network Domain Orchestration (NDO) solution. The investment in the NDO solution marks a significant step in Swisscom’s OSS transformation program aimed at modernizing its terabit IP transport aggregation network, TITAN.
Swisscom 5G networkSwisscom earlier said it expects around CHF 2.3 billion in capital expenditure (Capex) for 2023. Capital expenditure of around CHF 1.7 billion are expected for the Swisscom Group excluding Fastweb, and around EUR 0.6 billion for Fastweb.

The NDO solution by Netcracker serves as a comprehensive automation tool, integrating real-time and federated inventory for end-to-end visibility. Its key features include a unified platform offering a single source of truth, efficient network planning and design facilitating rapid network rollouts, and a DevOps-based design studio enabling swift onboarding of new devices using vendor-agnostic resource modeling.

Notably, this cloud-native solution supports Swisscom in sharing TITAN inventory data seamlessly in real-time with external systems through open APIs, employing cutting-edge communication techniques.

The deployment of NDO is poised to grant Swisscom a competitive edge, enabling quicker time-to-market, cost reductions across network rollout, development, and operations, and amplifying team autonomy within the organization.

Focus of Swisscom in 2023

  • Acceleration of FTTH fibre optic expansion
  • Technology adaptation from P2MP to P2P
  • Cost optimisation through partnerships
  • Increased speeds of up to 50 Gbps
  • Expansion of 5G+ coverage to 90%
  • Reduction of IT platforms and applications
  • Selective cloudification
  • Simpler architectures, higher capacities

Bram Van der Zwet, Lead Architect, Networks & Infrastructure at Swisscom, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, citing, “The automation of our new IP transport network is a major undertaking that will result in a number of improvements across the network and IT.”

In 2021, Cisco, one of the leading telecom network equipment suppliers, revealed its five-year agreement with Swisscom to transform Swisscom’s IP network architecture in Switzerland to enable the internet for the future.

The primary goal of the transformation project with Cisco is to increase efficiency and reliability, and reduce complexity and operating costs. Swisscom aims at using advanced automation and analytics to increase the network performance and stability for customers.