Swisscom deploys Oracle solution for VoIP transition

Telecom network operator Swisscom has deployed the Oracle Communications Operations Monitor as part of its transition to Voice over IP (VoIP)-based services from fixed line telephony.

The Oracle Communications Operations Monitor will assist Swisscom to ensure a better view into its network performance in order to maintain service quality through the transition.

Swisscom is making investment for migrating two million fixed line telephone users to VoIP by 2017.

“Oracle Communications Operations Monitor is a key component of this initiative. It allows us to see the exact network quality results and trends that are relevant. With the Oracle product, we have end-to-end network visibility so we can collect and analyze network data more quickly, which has helped us to resolve incidents 30 percent faster,” said Stephan Bieri, system engineer at Swisscom.

Oracle Communications Operations Monitor captures and analyzes all signaling messages and media from the network, providing correlation and quality metrics of all calls in real time. It enables troubleshooting for root cause analysis of any reported problem related to a user, user group, trunk, network device, or Internet Protocol (IP) address.

By deploying Oracle Communications Operations Monitor for network monitoring, Swisscom can determine network capacity usage trends and make informed decisions on new and existing offers.

Thanks to Oracle solution, Swisscom has reduced its incident resolution time by 30 percent.

It also reduces the operating expenses of managing the network of Swisscom because the Oracle Communications Operations Monitor is used on standard server hardware.

“CSPs can leverage the network to find the right opportunities and the right time to launch or modify offers,” said Douglas Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications.

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