SwissCom invested $1.2 bn for Capex in H1


SwissCom has invested CHF 1,142 million or $1.2 billion towards Capex (capital spending) in the first half of 2015 – primarily in investments in broadband and IT.

The increase in Capex was 2.2 percent.

SwissCom predicted that capital expenditure will be more than CHF 2.3 billion or $2.4 billion in the full year of 2015 against the earlier prediction of CHF 2.3 billion.

In Switzerland, capital expenditure rose 9.5 percent to CHF 842 million in H1 2015 due to broadband network expansion. In Switzerland, SwissCom had higher Capex of CHF50 million due to the fiber to the home and fiber to the street rollout.

Swisscom connected more than 2.5 million households and businesses with broadband with speeds of over 50 Mbps till June 2015 in Switzerland. 1.6 million access lines have the latest fiber optic technology.

“As a result of the further expansion of the ultra-fast broadband network and investments in the IT platform for banking transactions, capital expenditure in Switzerland will remain unchanged from the prior year at CHF 1.75 billion,” said SwissCom.

At Fastweb, the capital expenditure for the expansion of the network fell 1.8 percent to EUR 279 million in H1 2015. At Fastweb, the investment will decline by CHF 100 million in 2015.

Urs Schaeppi, chief executive officer of SwissCom, said: “We have low Capex in Switzerland on the IT systems mainly because we buildup all the capabilities for all IT. We have Capex for the all IP transformation.”

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