T-Mobile and Sprint to create 5,600 customer care jobs by 2021

T-Mobile US and Sprint announced that, pending the close of their proposed merger, they plan to build five new customer experience centers – creating 5,600 customer care jobs by 2021.
T-Mobile and Sprint mergerVerizon recently said it would cut a number of jobs in its media business. AT&T is also planning a similar move to reduce expenditure at its ailing business units.

Each of the new customer experience centers will create an average of 1,000 new jobs for Americans. The companies also plan to expand two existing T-Mobile Centers, which will create even more new jobs.

The companies have selected Overland Park, Kansas, as the first of the five new locations. The Overland Park facility will be a new addition to the existing Sprint campus, which was previously announced as the New T-Mobile’s secondary headquarters.

“New T-Mobile will employ more people from day one than T-Mobile and Sprint would have separately,” T-Mobile US Chief Executive Officer John Legere, who will lead New T-Mobile as CEO.

The New T-Mobile will employ 7,500 more customer care professionals in 2024 than the stand-alone companies would have.

New T-Mobile expects to create more than 12,000 new jobs to serve small towns and rural communities as a direct result of the transaction.