T-Mobile brings Enhanced Voice Services to bolster customer experience

T-Mobile Czech Republic
American telecom network operator T-Mobile US today announced Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) to bolster customer experience.

EVS improves voice call in areas where signal is weak. You can reduce dropped call on T-Mobile’s LTE network as well.

EVS provides higher-fidelity calls than the HD Voice. EVS, a patent-pending technology owned by T-Mobile, does this with a broader audio frequency range, which translates to richer, more realistic-sounding voice audio, said T-Mobile.

EVS delivers better voice quality whether you’re on Wi-Fi or the T-Mobile LTE network.

LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung S7 edge are EVS compatible phones. There will be more EVS compatible phones on T-Mobile network during the current year.

“Our shift to IP-powered voice and data services has led to a steady drumbeat of ground-breaking calling innovations from Wi-Fi Calling to Video Calling built right into your phone’s native dialer,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer at T-Mobile US in a blog post.

The company said VoLTE calls already go through faster (twice as fast as other calls), and while on VoLTE, customers can enjoy fast LTE data while they’re on a call. Customers on the old carriers’ CDMA networks still can’t do that. 27 million T-Mobile customers on 40 models of VoLTE-enabled phones are making over 300 million calls a day — over half of all calls on T-Mobile’s network.

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