T-Mobile offers 4x faster data plan with T-Mobile ONE

T-Mobile Netherlands
T-Mobile ONE will now feature 4 times faster unlimited mobile hotspot data, announced the carrier as a solution to recent customer grievances on the recently introduced plans being expensive and coming with missing features and costly add-ons.

T-Mobile witnessed its highest August retail and digital traffic week till date following which it has also announced the T-Mobile ONE Plus, today as the plan is tagged, with unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, unlimited HD video streaming-in the form of day passes, and double speed while traveling abroad to more than 140 countries.

The ONE Plus is a premium connectivity add-on, tagged as an upgrade for power users and for customers who simply want more.

With the announcement, T-Mobile has turned in to the first and only telecom service provider to offer both unlimited high speed mobile hotspots and an unlimited LTE tablet plan.

Also, for users not signing in on the One Plus service, tethering speeds under the standard One plan have been hiked from 2G to 3G speeds.

T-Mobile had only two weeks ago announced the unexpected Un-carrier 12 plans, and put an end to the data plan era.

The company had revealed the T-Mobile ONE and removed the concept of the data bucket, with it.

The company is set on moving in an ALL IN on unlimited direction by heeding to customer voices, conveyed John Legere, CEO, T-Mobile.

T-Mobile ONE mobile internet offers unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited high-speed 4G LTE smartphone data on what the company claims to be the fastest LTE network in America. With the service, even video is unlimited at standard definition to offer in-exhaustible streaming to its customers.

T-Mobile ONE also includes free data roaming with global connection. The plan comes with a tag of $70 per month for the first line, $50 for the second line, and $20 from the third to up to eight lines.

The carrier has also quadrupled the speeds for mobile hotspot data on the T-Mobile ONE plan and introduced 24 hour high-definition (HD) Day Passes for $3.00 per day, only. At the same time, for customers needing faster mobile hotspot data, faster speeds when traveling and unlimited HD video streaming, there is T-Mobile ONE Plus on offer.

“We’ve ended data buckets, gone unlimited and now we’re amping up T-Mobile ONE to make it even better. T-Mobile the fastest growing wireless company in the US for three years running,” said John Legere, president and CEO, T-Mobile.

The mobile hotspot speeds are up from 128kbps to 512kbps to check email, share files, check the news or watch their favorite YouTube videos, provided without limits and data buckets.

With the ONE Plus plan, customers can use devices as hotspots to browse the web, snap, gram, post and stream a movie to a laptop or the big screen at high-speeds, without the limits set by a data bucket, with twice the speed available, when abroad with global connection (connection in 140+ countries and destinations) and up to 3G speeds wherever available.

T-Mobile ONE Plus is priced at an additional $25 per line, per month, making the total $95 for the first line and so on, available from September 1.

Existing T-Mobile Simple Choice customers can continue with previously opted plans, without any change in the charges, though users opting for a new line after September 1 will have to choose between T-Mobile ONE or ONE Plus plans.

After the previous announcement, rival Sprint had also followed suit, to announce similar unlimited plans. The nation’s third-largest carrier with 311 million users in its LTE network, T-Mobile, announced earlier this month that it plans on matching with wireless coverage by the leading player Verizon within the next 12 months.

As a part of its plans, T-Mobile will also participate in the ongoing government auction dealing with the low-band 600-megahertz spectrum ideal for long distance and movement over obstacles. The company has already initiated preparations in its network to use the new spectrum by late 2017.

T-Mobile claims to have surpassed AT&T on network availability and just lags behind Verizon on it, revealed a recent blog post from the former highlighting the scores.

Also, T-Mobile bagged the OpenSignal award for fastest LTE speeds, averaging 16.3 Mbps in summer download tests, while Verizon came in second, scoring an average of 15.9 Mbps for is LTE connection, outpacing both Sprint and AT&T, neither of which averaged downloads greater than 13 Mbps.

Vina Krishnan
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