T-Mobile offers free, unlimited messaging to Android users worldwide

By Telecom Lead Team: T-Mobile has launched messaging
services and enhanced calling functionality through its Bobsled app. T-Mobile
had introduced the Bobsled Calling service on its network last year.


Bobsled Messaging is a cloud-based messaging application
that allows consumers to send and receive individual and group messages with
friends and family from any Android-powered smartphone or tablet, and almost
any Web-connected, browser-enabled device.


With Bobsled, we continue to leverage and embrace the
power of IP communications to bring seamless, cost-effective connections to
consumers across networks, devices, countries and carriers,” said Brad Duea,
senior vice president, T-Mobile USA.


With enhanced Bobsled Calling service users are able to make free phone calls over their data
connection from their mobile and Wi-Fi-enabled devices including
Android-powered smartphones and tablets as well as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


As with Bobsled Calling on the Web, the Bobsled Calling
mobile application now allows users to easily make outgoing calls to numbers in
the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico for free from anywhere in the world where they
have an open data connection. Users of the iPad can now dial any number in the
U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico using the dialpad in the Bobsled Calling


Bobsled Messaging allows people to send free, rich media
messages — including photos, videos and locations — to Bobsled users anywhere
in the world where they have an open data connection from any Android-powered
smartphone, tablet or Web-connected device, using their existing mobile number.


Bobsled Messaging also allows people to send group
messages from any Android-powered smartphone to other Android-powered
smartphones as well as iOS, Windows and Blackberry smartphones and even feature


Bobsled Messaging is now available for download free of
charge on all Android-powered smartphones and tablets through the Android


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