T-Mobile says scam call traffic on its network hit all-time high

T-Mobile today released its Scam and Robocall Report for 2021, saying scam call traffic on its network hit all-time highs and jumped over 116 percent from 2020.
T-Mobile 5G for smartphone customersAmericans are on track to receive 110 billion scam calls across all providers by the end of 2021 according to First Orion.

T-Mobile Scam Shield identified or blocked over 21 billion calls for T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers through early December 2021.

T-Mobile claims that Scam Shield is identifying or blocking 3.5x more calls than AT&T’s solution and when the Un-carrier labels a call as “Scam Likely” data shows it has a better than 99 percent accuracy rate.

T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers can download the Scam Shield app on the App Store or Google Play and have a dashboard at their fingertips for all Scam Shield tools. With the app, you can enable Scam Block and check to see which calls have been blocked at any time as well as access to Caller ID and other free Scam Shield tools.

“Attempted scam calls hit record highs in 2021, but with Scam Shield we identified or blocked over 21 billion calls this year — or 700 calls per second! — for customers. We are the only provider protecting every single customer, regardless of their plan or device,” said Jon Freier, President, T-Mobile’s Consumer Group.

In July 2020, T-Mobile launched Scam Shield to help protect EVERY customer against scammers — no special device, app or plan required.

AT&T responded nearly a year later with a solution that still only gives customers on their most expensive plans Caller ID.

Verizon has added new protections but has yet to protect prepaid or business customers with their Call Filter app.

The T-Mobile network analyzes billions of calls every second, updating in real time, 24/7 to keep customers protected. And all those new tools and data helped T-Mobile deliver today’s new insights into scammer behaviors.