T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE to connect your car with LTE

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T-Mobile US today rolled out SyncUP DRIVE Wi-Fi hotspot service for connecting the car to its LTE network.

SyncUP DRIVE Wi-Fi hotspot service will be a free service if you have a 24-month no-cost finance agreement with T-Mobile for a 2GB or higher mobile Internet plan. The value of SyncUP DRIVE Wi-Fi hotspot service is $149.99.

Vehicle diagnostics, safety and security are the features of T-Mobile’s SyncUP DRIVE Wi-Fi hotspot.

T-Mobile has developed SyncUP DRIVE in association with key partners – ZTE, a provider of mobile devices and telecommunication systems, and Mojio, a provider of connected car apps and services. T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE has additional details.

“With T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE, you have a new way to ride on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE, which plugs in to your car’s OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) port – standard on most cars built after 1996, is always on, doesn’t require charging and can be managed right from your smartphone.

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE cost at least 20 percent less than the carriers’ solutions over two years. T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE is the only complete 4G LTE connected car solution by a wireless provider.

HUM by Verizon runs on 2G technology that Verizon will phase out, and HUM doesn’t even include in-vehicle Wi-Fi connectivity. You’d need multiple carrier solutions – and multiple carrier rate plans – to duplicate what T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE does out of the box on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network.

Features of T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE:

It delivers an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hot spot on the 4G LTE network, perfect for sharing data with five Wi-Fi capable devices to entertain your family during those road trips.

It analyzes driving behavior to help you drive more safely, while minimizing wear-and-tear, by keeping track of dangerous driving behavior like speeding, harsh braking and rapid accelerations; or, to help you save money on fuel.

You know the location and status of multiple cars without contacting the drivers, set speeding alerts to encourage safe driving behavior and set alerts to be notified when your car enters or leaves a certain area. You can also locate your car.


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