Tata Communications invests over $3.6 billion in last 10 years

By Telecom
Lead Team
Communications has invested more than $3.6

n (Rs 17,000 crore) in last 10 years for acquiring
and building network & data centre infrastructure, technology & service
capabilities and entering new markets.

Tata Global Network includes submarine cable capacity that connects six
continents, a Tier-1 internet backbone and over 300 points of presence

Communications, which is celebrating 10 years of privatization, currently s
erves over 1,600 global service providers
and 50,000 corporate customers across the globe including more than 260 of the
top 2,000 MNCs

reported revenues of
about $2.6
billion (Rs 12,000 crore) in 2010-11.

In the
last 10 years, Tata Communications more than doubled its employees and at
present manpower base stands at
7,800 people. This diversity is further
reflected in its global leadership team with executives in 14 cities across
nine countries.

Tata Communications transformation story is a matter of pride not just for all
of us in the company, but also for all our stakeholders; indeed, it is a matter
of pride for India that a global challenger in the hyper-competitive
communications space has been created in less than a decade. The Tata
Communications story is a great example of how a public-private partnership can
create real business value, not just in the Indian market, but globally. There
have been the natural ups and downs, coupled with so much more to achieve. The
journey has been truly worthwhile as a result of the support from one of the
best teams in the business
, said Vinod Kumar, MD & CEO, Tata

this decade, the company transformed from an India-centric, international voice
monopoly to a globally recognised, trans-national service provider. This shift
is the result of visionary leadership of the Tata group, coupled with the trust
of our various stakeholders, including the Government of India that continues
to own 26
percent equity
stake in Tata Communications.

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