Tata Communications to expand InstaCompute services across Europe and North America

Telecom Lead India: Tata Communications is planning to
expand the presence of its InstaCompute services to Europe, and North America
in the latter half of 2012.

Amit Sinha Roy, VP of strategy and marketing at TATA
communications told Telecom Lead that the company will be expanding its
services across Europe and North America in the second half of 2012.

InstaCompute is a cloud based service that offers
computing power on demand. It works on the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
delivery model. IaaS is infrastructure delivered as a service, instead of
managed in-house. Users can provision processing capacity, storage, networking
and other fundamental computing resources and access them over the Internet or
a Virtual Private Network instead of using equipment based in their premises.

The company introduced its cloud services in India in
October 2010. The company launched its Singapore data center in March
last year to offer the IaaS service to customers in the city-state as well as
other Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia
and Vietnam.

Roy said that Indian broadcasters have been utilizing,
its cloud computing services because of its reach, reliability and additional
functionality. Tata communication is working with some leading broadcasters in
India that includes NDTV and TV 18.

InstaCompute deployed across the company’s data
centers and integrated into its Tier-1 IP network.

Through its cloud services, the company offers latest
processors based on elastic computing infrastructure. Furthermore, the company
offers customizable firewall to its customers for greater security. The company
also provides low-latency 10 GB Ethernet switches providing multiple points of
redundancy and quickest path routing for peak hours need of SMEs.

The company has recently collaborated with Formula One,
as its global technology partner. Formula One group businesses and race
locations will now be connected to the Tata Global Network (“TGN”),
supported by secure MPLS connectivity. Formula One Management’s IT
infrastructure and Formula1.com will be co-located and hosted in Tata
Communications’ world-class data centres.

Tata Communications’ capabilities in video and content
delivery networks (“CDN”) will enable uninterrupted, high-quality
connectivity to the multi-media portal on Formula1.com.

The (TGN) has Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific data
transfer capacity of one terabit per second. This capacity will ensure Tata
Communications is able to fully support Formula1.com during race weekends, when
the site gets on average four million unique visits per weekend, peaking at
seven million over some events.

Tata Communications’ infrastructure will enable the
sport’s official website to instantly scale up to cope with these significant
and sometimes unpredictable traffic spikes.

Tata Communications will also provide Formula1.com with a
new Managed Security Suite and will apply an additional layer of managed
security monitoring to ensure an increased level of protection to Formula One
Management’s IT infrastructure.

Looking ahead, Tata Communications and Formula One
Management will also work in close collaboration on research and development
around connectivity and the latest video technologies.


By Danish Khan

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