Tata Docomo revenue dips 15% in Q4 fiscal 2017

Tata Docomo
Tata Teleservices (Tata Docomo) posted adjusted gross revenue (AGR) of Rs 1,877.35 crore in Q4 fiscal 2017 against Rs 2209.38 crore in Q3, registering 15.03 percent drop.

Tata Teleservices lost 17.92 percent in wired and wireless subscriber base to 50.74 million in March 2017 from 61.82 million in March 2016.

Tata Teleservices’s customer base plummeted to 50.74 million in March 2017 from 54.71 million in December 2016, 58.79 million in September 2016, 61.10 million in June 2016 and 61.82 million subscribers in March 2016, according to TRAI.

Tata Teleservices’ wired and wireless subscriber share fell to 4.25 percent in March 2017 from 4.75 percent in December 2016 due to competition.

Tata Teleservices has 12.06 million rural subscribers, accounting for 2.4 percent share.

Tata Teleservices’ wireless subscriber base fell to 48.99 million in March 2017 from 52.98 million in December 2016. Its wireless market share dipped to 4.19 percent from 4.7 percent.

Tata Teleservices has 1.75 million wired connections in India for a market share of 7.17 percent. It is the fourth largest operator in wired telephony space.

Tata Teleservices has 13,311,112 Internet subscribers for 3.15 percent market share.

Tatanet Services has 53,736 (—2.5 percent) VSAT subscribers.

Hughes Communication continues to be the market leader in VSAT with subscriber base of 101,603 followed by Bharti Airtel with 70,451. Bharti Airtel has recorded maximum growth rate of 3.13% and Tatanet Services showed maximum decline rate of 2.50% in number of VSAT subscribers during this quarter.

Tata Teleservices and QoS

Tata Teleservices’ Andhra Pradesh customers faced issues relating to calls answered by the operators (voice to voice) within 90 seconds.