Tele2 to make investment in LTE outdoor and indoor small cells

Tele2 AB
Telecom network operator Tele2 Netherlands has decided to make investment in the LTE outdoor and indoor small cells.
The operator started commercial deployments of Nokia’s Flexi Zone LTE base stations to provide provide better experience at hotspots and indoor locations and to address the ever-increasing demand for mobile data when required, said Nokia in a statement.
“We continue to build on our LTE-Advanced network at high speed to address the growing appetite for mobile data, especially in busy locations and at peak times,” said François Mairey, CTIO of Tele2.
Nokia provides Flexi Zone solutions that create a network of low-power LTE access points that can complement an operator’s existing macro base station-based infrastructure and hence deliver ultra-fast broadband speeds to subscribers.
“Nokia is glad to support Tele2 in implementing its future-ready small cells products in its flagship store, a high-tech hangout for users to test the most advanced technology and high-speed services,” said Mikko Yla-Kauttu, account director, Netherlands, Nokia.
The Flexi Zone network, which has already been installed at Tele2’s new flagship store in Amsterdam to provide a better experience to subscribers, is set to open soon, testing new phones and the performance of Tele2’s LTE network.
“Our Flexi Zone solution is an extremely cost-effective way to complement macro networks in residential and commercial areas, ensuring a superior experience where most data usage occurs,” adds Yla-Kauttu.
“The results achieved during previous live trials proved that Nokia’s Flexi Zone can offer extremely fast and targeted capacity in high-density indoor areas, making it the ideal solution for our new flagship store,” Mairey added.
Tele2 started to provide LTE services in 2012, and currently offers the services using spectrum in the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands. Tele2 Netherlands has a base 844,000 mobile subscribers, at the end of 2015.
Vina Krishna
[email protected]