Telecom Argentina’s Capex up 7% to $143 million in Q1 2013

Telecom Lead America: Telecom Argentina has invested $143 million (P$741 million), up 7 percent, towards Capex in the first quarter of 2013.

Out of this, investment in fixed services was P$284 million and mobile services P$457 million. Capex reached 12 percent of revenues, said Telecom Argentina on Tuesday.

Telecom Argentina’s main capital expenditures in the fixed business were the expansion and upgrade of broadband services to improve capacity and increase speed by shortening the local loop. The mobile operator also invested for developing infrastructure to support mobile internet growth.

In the mobile business, Telecom continued with its network deployment with the intention of increasing access capacity and addressing the growth of mobile Internet.

Moreover, Telecom Argentina invested in the transport network to support the fixed and mobile data traffic growth.

Full report HERE: Telecom Argentina’s Q1 2013 revenue details

Telecom Argentina’s Q1 2013 revenues rose 18 percent to P$6,064 million against Q1 2012.

Out of this, fixed data grew 31 percent; Fixed Internet rose 26 percent; and mobile business in Argentina increased 19 percent.

Operating Income rose 8 percent to P$1,115 million.

Net income amounted to P$802 million, up 15 percent.

Clients increased to 21.4 million, registering growth of 3 percent.

Telecom Personal in Argentina

Service revenues (excluding equipment sales) reached P$3,668 million, up 18 percent, with 55 percent corresponding to value-added services (VAS) revenues (against 52 percent in Q1 2012). VAS revenues increased 25 percent compared with Q1 2012.

Due to the VAS usage and certain price adjustments, the Average Monthly Revenue per User (ARPU) increased to P$62.1, up 13 percent.

Telecom Personal in Paraguay (Nucleo)

The company generated revenues from third parties equivalent to P$262 million, up 32 percent. ARPU reached Gs.26.3 thousand (equivalent to P$32). VAS represented 56 percent of service revenues against 46 percent.

Personal launched 4G technology in Paraguay, being the first and only in the country offering that service through 1,900 Mhz band.

Data revenues amounted to P$213 million, up 31 percent.

Revenues related to Internet totaled P$575 million, up 26 percent.

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