Telecom Egypt implements Enea’s voice firewall to combat scam calls

Telecom Egypt, a leading telecom operator in the country, has taken decisive steps to enhance network security by deploying Enea’s advanced voice firewall technology. This initiative aims to curb scam calls and mitigate the prevalence of caller ID spoofing, a growing concern globally.

Telecom Egypt 5G

According to a recent report by the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), phone calls remain the primary avenue for scam attempts worldwide. Caller ID spoofing, in particular, allows fraudsters to manipulate caller identification information, presenting misleading numbers to deceive subscribers. This tactic is commonly used to impersonate trusted entities such as banks or government agencies, facilitating fraudulent activities ranging from financial scams to identity theft.

In response to these threats, Telecom Egypt has integrated Enea’s voice firewall, leveraging a zero-trust approach to identify and block spoofed calls effectively. This proactive measure has yielded significant results, with Telecom Egypt reporting a substantial 90 percent reduction in spoof calls since implementation. By safeguarding subscribers from the outset, the voice firewall ensures that only legitimate calls reach end-users, bolstering trust and security across the network.

Mohamed Al Fowey, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Telecom Egypt, emphasized the strategic importance of subscriber protection, stating, “Improving end-user security is paramount in our mission to combat fraud and enhance user confidence. Enea’s technology plays a crucial role in fortifying our network against evolving voice call threats, particularly caller ID spoofing.”

John Hughes, Senior Vice President and Head of Network Security Business Group at Enea, underscored the global impact of caller ID spoofing and Telecom Egypt’s proactive stance in addressing this challenge.


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