Telecom equipment maker Nokia Siemens Networks enhances CEM on Demand

Telecom Lead Europe: Nokia Siemens Networks has enhanced Customer Experience Management (CEM) portal with the addition of three new software content packs and related services.

The new CEM on Demand content packs and services help prioritize operations, focus investments and improve customer care, the company said. Operators can pinpoint problems on Internet-based maps in seconds and rank the individual customer perception of any problem they experience. In addition, they provide detailed trends in service use and experience for the customer care department.

Nokia Siemens Networks CEM on Demand


According to Sheryl Kingstone, director of research at Yankee Group, operators need to get access to actionable insights related to both customer satisfaction and network performance so that they can more easily prioritize improvements based on the business impact.

“With our continued sharp focus on innovations in customer experience management, we help operators serve their customers with better service quality and improve profitability,” said Michael Seeger, head of CEM business development, Nokia Siemens Networks.

“Our three new content packs equip operators to instantly identify problems both in service quality and user satisfaction and address them,” Seeger added. “This helps operators ensure their smartphone customers get service quality worth every penny they pay for high value data services.”

Customer Quality Insight Monitor content pack helps operators identify and prioritize service quality related problems in seconds. These problems are pinpointed on internet-based maps as dashboard views available via smart devices such as laptops and iPads. Based on customer impact, this content pack prioritizes service quality related faults, a capability that is unique in the industry.

Customer Experience Index content pack provides a numerical index based on network, service and device performance and perception indicators that rank the perception of individual subscribers. Various departments across the entire operator organization can use this information to prioritize their respective actions and investments.

Customer Care Insight content pack provides a clear view of the customer satisfaction, profile and usage trends as well as service quality related problems. This content pack, which provides key information for customer care personnel, is also relevant for any customer-facing department.

Nokia Siemens Networks is also introducing a quick start pack of its Customer Care Automation solution to complement the Customer Care Insight content pack. By automating the customer care processes, customer complaints can be resolved during the first call itself before they are escalated to the next level.

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