Telecom Italia unveils new TIM logo reflecting digital goals

TIM logo unveiled
Telecom Italia today announced a new TIM logo reflecting its digital ambitions in Italy and Brazil.

Telecom Italia Group’s Chief Executive Officer Marco Patuano said: “We have decided to merge the commercial offers of all our market segments under the name of TIM, creating a unified brand that combines the solidity and size of Telecom Italia with the innovative characteristics of TIM.”

Telecom Italia said the new logo of TIM marks an important change in the redefinition of its role. The new TIM logo shows the transformation of Telecom Italia from pure telephone operator to an industrial and technological player able to offer innovative products and services through the development of platforms: from fixed and mobile ultra-broadband networks to cloud computing through to new generation IT.

The new brand will unify the TIM Group with its 30 million mobile lines and 12 million fixed network connections in Italy and its 72.6 million customers in Brazil.

Telecom Italia aims to make an investment of 10 billion euros during 2015-2017. Out of this, 5 billion euros will be for digital fixed and mobile technologies and the development of cloud infrastructures and data centers.

TIM covers more than 41 percent of the Italian population with fiber network and 87 percent with LTE technology. Its aim is to reach 95 percent of the population with LTE and 75 percent with fiber optics by 2017.