Telecom network quality gets priority at Airtel and Vodafone

It’s good news for Indian mobile phone users. Finally, telecom network quality is getting top priority at Bharti Airtel and Vodafone.

Vodafone India has followed Bharti Airtel in unleashing a major campaign in Delhi that focused on their network quality — probably for the first time.

This is a good sign for struggling telecom vendors such Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, Samsung, ZTE, etc. For instance, NSN India revenue in the first half of 2013 declined 16.5 percent to EUR 314 million from EUR 376 million. There are other top telecom equipment vendors like Cisco planning to slash 4,000 jobs globally.

On the network quality part, Bharti Airtel was the first telecom operator to start a print campaign in Delhi. But ahead of Airtel, its rival Vodafone last month kicked off their 3G campaign in Mumbai. Telecoms selected Mumbai as Vodafone India enjoys the highest postpaid base in Mumbai. Mumbai telecom circle (excluding Maharashtra) generates the highest data revenue in the country amongst all operators. Vodafone’s 3G revenue is growing at the rate of 12 percent to 14 percent month on month basis. (Vodafone smart 3G Internet strategy for Mumbai )

Airtel and Vodafone India are taking up network quality as focus areas at a time when telecoms are cutting down their Capex. Both Airtel and Vodafone reduced their Capex (capital expenditure) in the Indian telecom market. ( Vodafone plans Capex of £6.26 billion in FY 2014 )

The first priority of Airtel is increasing its revenue than spending in network expansion. ( Airtel Capex dips 34 percent to $411 million in first quarter fiscal 2014 )

Probably, there will be an increase in network infrastructure expenditure by top telecom operators since this kind of campaigns will prompt rival telecoms to invest heavily network quality. At present, most of the Capex is going into network expansion and roll outs in new areas.

Airtel, in an advertisement on August 16, said “the best network for your smartphone”.


India’s #1 telecom service provider’s IP-based network is designed to enhance the performance of smartphones. Whether it’s YouTube or Facebook, you’ll enjoy them best on Airtel 3G.

Airtel, which is promoted by billionaire Sunil Mittal, claims that your smartphone battery lasts 20 percent longer on Airtel network. Airtel optimizes signalling between smartphone and network, ensuing your battery lasts longer to let you do more.

Bharti Airtel also says that YouTube streaming 25 percent faster. Its network customizes videos to fit your smartphone screen size, allowing faster streaming and unmatched viewing experience.

Vodafone India, responding to Airtel campaign, carried advertisement on August 18. Vodafone says “its network is made for you.”


According to Vodafone, each one us has different communication needs. This reflects everything we do, every single day. Which is why our network has the widest network reach.

Vodafone India says its superior voice clarity ensures even your softest whisper does not go unheard — whether you are in a busy street or a crowded train.

Its network enjoys low call drops, Vodafone says. So you can go on and go on, uninterrupted. Its high speed network ensures you can work and play.

Hope we will have better quality network and lesser drop calls.

Baburajan K
[email protected]