Telecoms Vodafone signs free Twitter deal for mobile users

Vodafone has become the first telecom operator (telecoms) in India and largest in the world to offer free Twitter without mobile internet charges.

Vodafone mobile users will get free Twitter on their browser and Twitter for Android app without any mobile internet charges for three months, as per a deal between Vodafone India and Twitter.

Bharti Airtel, the # telecom operator in India and the rival of Vodafone, has already tied up with social media platforms such as Google +, Twitter and Facebook, etc. ( India, Brazil power Facebook growth in June 2013 )

Vodafone customers can connect in real-time with news, entertainment, sports and other interests on Twitter without data charges. Vodafone’s strategy is to improve its 2G and 3G data consumption. ( Vodafone smart 3G Internet strategy revealed )

The deal will assist Twitter to improve user base in India, while Vodafone will benefit from 2G and 3G data growth later. ( Vodafone India deal with Twitter )

Vodafone India is one of the largest and engaging brands in Twitter with over 95,000 followers.

Telecoms Vodafone signs free Twitter deal

“Vodafone India has always been at the forefront of providing innovative and user friendly mobile internet experience for its customers in India,” said Vivek Mathur, chief commercial officer, Vodafone India.

As part of its strategy to democratize data, Vodafone is building content partnerships, simplifying pricing, educating retailers and offering choice to customer basis their interests and consumption patterns.

“As a real time information network full of links, media, and content, our platform offers the mobile ecosystem novel ways to introduce their subscribers to all the Internet has to offer,” said Rishi Jaitly, market director for Twitter India.

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