Telefonica Mexico to invest to enhance indoor coverage

Telefonica Mexico has selected telecom network vendor Ericsson to supply more than 1,000 Radio Dot Systems in Mexico City to enhance indoor coverage.

By making investment in Ericsson’s Radio Dot Systems, Telefonica Mexico aims to enhance mobile broadband coverage in office buildings, shopping centers and airports that are otherwise difficult to cover using existing networks.

Though mobile users spend about 90 percent of time indoors, only 3 in 10 smartphone users enjoy from reliable indoor voice quality and coverage, according to the latest an Ericsson ConsumerLab survey.

Mariano Moral, vice president for Telefonica Business Solutions, said: “Through this implementation of the Radio Dot System, we are offering LTE solutions to enterprise users and end subscribers by improving the indoor connectivity experience with high concentration of people.”

The architecture of the technology will support 4G/LTE and 3G/WCDMA indoor coverage. Telecoms can install the Radio Dot in ceilings and requires very little space.

Ericsson started delivering Dots in Mexico City. 1,080 Ericsson’s indoor small cell solution will be available at locations for Telefónica’s enterprise customers, shoppers, and travelers at the Mexico city’s airports.