How Telefonica Peru transformed data center with Huawei

TelefonicaTelefonica, which has invested $9.2 billion in telecom infrastructure in Peru for connecting 21 million subscribers, has transformed its data center with the assistance of Huawei.

Telefonica has transformed an existing central office in the Lince district of Lima, Peru into a data center, as part of its strategy to reduce Capex (capital expenditure) and optimize cost. This method reuses existing assets, reduces Capex, and shortens the construction period.

Telefonica used the Uptime Tier III standard, which involves online maintenance and 99.98 percent availability.

Telefonica considered factors such as infrastructure requirements such as power supply, cooling, and diesel generator, layout of the existing building, load bearing and reinforcement, etc. before setting up the data center to boost its enterprise business.

Telefonica tapped Huawei, a telecom network maker based in China, for the successful delivery of this project. The data center in the Lince district of Lima, Peru covers a floor area of 6000 m². It is being built in three phases and contains 584 IT cabinets with 2600 kW of total IT power.

Huawei, which competes with Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, Cisco, among others, adopted its integration method of construction to ensure the overall progress and quality of the data center project.

Huawei said it considered the structure of the existing equipment room, optimized the layout using 3D visual design tools, improving space utilization.

Telefonica’s enterprise business will gain from the data center that can house more than 100 cabinets in the first phase, increasing the space utilization rate by about 50 percent compared with the 70 cabinets contained before redevelopment.

Huawei managed over 20 subcontractors and 120 construction workers, delivering eight systems, including power supply, HVAC, and cabling during implementation.

Huawei has optimized and verified the data center construction process to ensure the overall progress of the project. Telefonica Peru selected Huawei’s integration delivery services, which improved the delivery efficiency of the Lince data center project.

Huawei has delivered the first phase of the project within five months and passed acceptance at the first attempt, shortening the service rollout time by 15 percent and increasing ROI (return on investment).

Pedro Planas, CTO of Telefonica Peru, said Huawei is a trustworthy partner for Telefonica Peru since it has strong integration capabilities from design to delivery and can help develop Telefonica’s cloud business.

Enterprises from financial, municipal, mass transit, and other industries are interested in joining the Lince data center because of its high reliability. The completion of the Lince data center has laid an important foundation for Telefonica’s cloud service development in Peru.

“In helping a customer lay the foundations of their cloud strategy, Huawei has also accumulated valuable experience. Huawei signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Uptime in 2015 and is a founding member of the Uptime Institute in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Yang Weijun, president of Huawei’s Latin America Carrier BG.

Huawei said it has assisted global carriers to build 830 data centers, including more than 180 data center facility projects, of which nearly 20 data centers passed Uptime Tier design and construction certification.