Telefonica reveals 5G coverage, Capex, revenue growth in first-quarter

Telefonica, a leading telecom operator in Europe, has revealed its 5G coverage, Capex, revenue growth in the first quarter of 2023.
Telefonica revenue break down by regionTelefonica said its 5G network is already available in four main markets. Telefonica has launched the stand-alone version in Brazil during the quarter. Telefonica plans to launch stand-alone 5G in the UK, Germany and Spain in 2023.

At the end of March, Telefonica’s 5G service already covered more than 2,100 locations in the UK, more than 82 percent of the population in Germany, 85 percent of the population in Spain and 58 cities in Brazil.

Telefonica claims that it remains the leader in fiber deployment, with 168.9 million premises passed at the end of March, 4 percent more than a year ago. Out of this, Telefonica’s own fiber networks reached 66.6 million (+15 percent) premises.

Telefonica’s customer base grew 4 percent between January and March to 383.6 million, with strong growth in fiber (+16 percent) and mobile contract (+7 percent) accesses.

Telefonica has reported revenues of €10.045 billion (+6.7 percent) during January-March 2023.

Telefonica said Spain’s revenues rose 0.3 percent to €3,088 million, Germany’s rose 8 percent to €2,101 million and Brazil’s rose 17.5 percent to €2,282 million.

Telefonica Tech’s revenues grew 43.5 percent in the first quarter to €429 million. Telxius, Telefonica’s subsea cable business, has reported an increase in revenues of 8.4 percent and 10.4 percent in OIBDA, which grew for the fifth consecutive quarter.