Telefonica revenue up 3.5% to 62.83 billion euros in 2011

By Telecom
Lead Team
: Telefónica has posted 3.5 percent increase in revenues to 62.83 billion 
euros in
2011. The company’s wireless data revenues grew 19 percent.


The marginal
growth was driven by the increase in wireless data revenues, which accounted
for more than 31 percent of mobile service revenues, and growth in Latin
America, a region which already represents 47 percent of total consolidated
revenues and 48 percent of the Telefónica Group’s OIBDA.


Net profit
during last year was 5.4 billion euros, a decrease of 16.6 percent year-on-year.


Showing a
3.3 percent year-on-year increase in 2011, Telefónica invested 10,224 million
euros, including spectrum purchases in several countries. In Spain, investment
increased by 44.2 percent in the year.


79 percent
of the total investment went to projects focusing on growth and transformation,
linked to fixed and mobile broadband services. Capex includes the cost of the
spectrum in Spain, Brazil and Costa Rica, amounting to 1,296 million euros.


16 percent
of the company’s mobile accesses were mobile broadband customers, up 61 percent
and already accounting for 38 million accesses.


also reported 18 million retail fixed broadband accesses (+5.5 percent) and 3.3
million Pay TV accesses (+18.7 percent).


In a
difficult environment, our diversification and our flexibility has allowed us
to deliver solid results, in line with the targets announced, and a record FCF
generation. Revenues increased by 3.5 percent year-on-year, to 62,837 million
euros and FCF totaled 9,270 million euros, a 9.5 percent increase versus 2010,
and equivalent to 2.06 euros per share. All this has been compatible with
investments exceeding the 10.2 billion euros mark in 2011, underpinning the
importance of having a differential, top-quality network, to offer increasingly
sophisticated services compatible with all kind of fixed and mobile devices,
essential for the generation of future revenues,” said César Alierta, chairman, Telefonica.


In 2011,
Telefónica led the increase of penetration of mobile broadband services in its
markets, with more than 38 million customers, 61 percent above 2010 figure. Mobile
data revenue also grew significantly to almost 20 percent in organic terms, and
now represents 31 percent of mobile service revenues.


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