Telefonica Taps Vertiv to Enhance Energy Efficiency

Telefonica has tied up with Vertiv, a provider of critical digital infrastructure solutions, in a bid to bolster energy efficiency.
Telefonica’s 5G network in SpainThe new partnership aims to deliver substantial energy savings, with Telefonica expecting to conserve approximately 45 GWh per annum within three years, equivalent to the energy consumption of about 13,000 homes in Spain.

Under the agreement, Vertiv will deploy a turnkey solution to drive energy savings across various areas of Telefonica’s network core sites in Spain.

This collaboration builds upon the success of the partnership initiated in 2018, which commenced as a pilot project focused on reducing energy consumption at one of Telefonica’s key network core sites in Madrid.

Telefonica reports that the initial initiative achieved an impressive average 20 percent reduction in total energy consumption. Now, under Phase I of the agreement, the collaboration will expand to encompass 40 of Telefonica’s most critical network core sites spread across Spain.

At the heart of the agreement lies an innovative model termed Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS), which necessitates an experienced technology manufacturer partner to invest in, operate, and maintain critical infrastructure.

The primary objective is to curtail energy consumption and subsequently reduce carbon footprint. Vertiv is tasked with providing a comprehensive solution, upgrading Telefonica’s crucial facilities with efficient critical infrastructure services while overseeing their performance and maintenance.

A pivotal aspect of the agreement entails Vertiv managing maintenance operations to ensure optimal equipment efficiency throughout Telefonica’s facilities. This involves conducting both corrective and preventive maintenance utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Vertiv has committed to integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor data and equipment, enabling early detection of potential failures. Consequently, the technology’s lifecycle can be prolonged, and Telefonica’s network energy efficiency can be enhanced.

Pablo Ledesma, director of Network, Services and IT Engineering and Operations at Telefonica Spain, underscores the project’s challenges and benefits. He highlights the importance of specialized maintenance to support advanced technology implementation and improve energy efficiency across Telefonica’s technical telecom sites.

Karsten Winther, president for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, emphasizes the dual benefit of carbon footprint reduction and financial impact. He notes that Vertiv’s optimization efforts will enable Telefonica to allocate resources more effectively to its core business.

In addition to optimizing network core sites in 2023, Vertiv will extend its efficiency-enhancing efforts to over 10 additional Telefonica facilities across Spain in 2024, spanning locations from Madrid to Barcelona, Zaragoza, Coruña, Malaga, and Valencia. Telefonica asserts that achieved results align with set objectives, with plans underway to expand the collaboration to include other Telefonica group companies.

Enrique Blanco, Global CTIO at Telefonica, expresses confidence in Vertiv’s expertise to spearhead the innovative project, which aligns with Telefonica’s energy and emissions targets. He emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability and outlines ambitious goals to further reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.