Telenet CEO John Porter reveals main achievements

Telenet Group CEO John Porter has revealed the telecom operator’s main achievements for the six months ended June 30, 2019.
Telenet Group CEO John Porter

Telenet’s mobile subscriber base reached 2,748,300 SIMs at the end of Q2 2019, including 2,282,000 post-paid subscribers and 466,300 pre-paid subscribers under the BASE brand.

Telenet’s broadband internet subscribers dropped 1 percent to 1,661,100 despite adding 3,000 net new broadband internet subscribers in the second quarter, representing the best quarterly result since Q4 2017.

Telenet said its fixed-line telephony subscribers reached 1,234,800, representing 5 percent drop, in Q2 2019. Telenet lost 8,400 fixed-line telephony subscribers in Q2 2019 relative to Q1 2019.

Telenet said it lost 14,600 net video subscribers during Q2 2019 and total basic and enhanced video customer base reached 1,902,200.

Telenet’s 1,718,500 video customers upgraded to higher ARPU enhanced video services. It has lost 6,900 net enhanced video subscribers.

Telenet CFO Erik Van den Enden said its revenue fell 1 percent as higher cable subscription revenue, including subscription revenue generated by business customers on FLUO and WIGO Business bundles, was more than offset by lower wholesale revenue from the loss of the MEDIALAAN MVNO contract, lower usage-related revenue and lower non-coax B2B revenue given seasonality in our security and ICT integrator businesses.


Telenet said it reduced investment intensity and capital expenditures reached €308 million in H1 2019. Telenet did not reveal more details on the investment in networks and its 5G Capex strategy. Micha Berger is the chief technology officer of Telenet Group responsible for the operator’s network strategy.


Telenet achieved an ARPU of €57.2 in the first half of 2019 and the second quarter of 2019, representing 4 percent increase.

Telenet generated revenue of €1,261.6 million (+1 percent) for the six months ended June 30, 2019.

The acquisition of local ICT integrator Nextel on May 31, 2018 added an incremental €23.5 million to its revenue. In addition, an incremental €7.9 million came from the acquisition of the remaining 50 percent stake in a local media company called De Vijver Media.

Telenet generated revenue of €287.9 million from video, €323.1 million from broadband internet, €109.8 million from fixed-line telephony, €217.3 million from mobile telephony, and €102.7 million from business services during the first half of 2019.