Telenor devices new strategy for digital focus

Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke
Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke has devised a new strategy to create a digital enterprise to improve customer experience of its 176 million customers.

Telenor has more than 30,000 employees in 12 countries. The Norway headquartered telecom operator is trying to offer 40 hours of training and education this year as part of the strategy to transform the company for a digital future.

IDC says digital transformation spending will grow 16.8 percent to nearly $1.3 trillion in 2018. The world spending on digital transformation during over the 2016-2021 forecast period will be 17.9 percent CAGR. In 2021, digital transformation spending will nearly double to more than $2.1 trillion.

“Digitalisation is fundamentally changing our societies. Embracing this change can help turn it into an opportunity; we need to work in new ways, dare to think differently about career development and we need to stimulate life-long learning,” said Sigve Brekke, CEO of Telenor Group.

Telenor has identified five key areas — digital marketing, digital channels, applied analytics, design and product development – to undertake skill improvement training to all its 30,000 plus employees.

Telenor has re-launched its digital learning portal called Telenor Campus with courses from online learning providers such as Lynda from LinkedIn and Coursera online courses from top universities and business schools.

Telenor said its free to use digital learning portal offers training modules within leadership at all levels, agile and traditional project management, growth mindset and the strength-based development practice.

Sigve Brekke has given all employees a 40 hour challenge to accomplish 40 hours of learning in 2018. With more than 30,000 employees, this sets a stretch goal of potentially 1.2 million hours. At least 20 of these hours should be within Telenor Campus and the rest can be learning opportunities related to responsibility, such as on-the-job training or external courses to develop new skills.

“1.2 million hours is a significant investment across our workforce, and I truly believe that the return on this bet will put us at the forefront of the digital race. I challenge myself every day to gain new knowledge and skills relevant for the future. So far for the 40 hour challenge, I’ve taken a Growth Mindset course, delved into Data Analytics and look forward to more,” says Brekke.

Telenor’s Learning and Development team has curated the learning program to respond to the requirements and needs expressed by employees as well as the company’s strategy.


Telenor has also run a tailored 5-week online course for all top managers in partnership with INSEAD to mobilise for effective strategy execution, one-year training journeys for experts within critical capabilities, and leadership programs focusing on growth mindset and strength-based approaches.


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