Telenor Digital extends partnership with Opera Software

Extending their ongoing partnership, Opera Software and Telenor have agreed to let Telenor-owned operators to adopt more Opera Software products such as Opera Max into their offering.

In a statement Opera Max said that the agreement would provide Telenor operators worldwide a unique offering for their customers, ensuring an optimized experience and getting more from their mobile data subscriptions.

The operator also gains a touch point with the consumers, with an integrated version of Opera Max on Telenor networks. Opera Max will turn the data traffic into a Telenor experience, at a time where apps have become the focal point of the user attention, thus increasing Telenor’s digital portfolio.

Opera Web Pass is an offering for operators, which dramatically lowers the threshold for getting online, by having users purchase a data plan that suits them, instantly.

“The foundation for this partnership was created with Telenor Group four years ago. The complete package that Telenor has selected provides its operators access to the latest in cloud services and internet innovations, creating a platform for increased online engagement and monetizable digital assets,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

Opera Software has been a close partner for Telenor for four years. Jointly, they have helped millions of Telenor customers getting affordable access to internet with a good experience, said Rolv-Erik Spilling, head, Telenor Digital. “We are now further developing our cooperation to reach more customers with even better experiences.”

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