Telenor names Patrik Hofbauer as CEO of Sweden and Lars-Ake Norling CEO of DiGi Telecom

Global telecom service provider Telenor said Patrik Hofbauer will be the new CEO of Telenor Sweden, while Lars-Ake Norling will be the CEO of DiGi Telecommunications.

Lars-Ake Norling

DiGi Telecommunications CEO Lars-Ake Norling

Lars-Ake Norling is currently the CEO of Telenor Sweden.

During Norling’s tenure, Telenor Sweden has delivered robust financial results after the company started focusing on internet, mobile and fixed offerings. Telenor Sweden, the 2nd largest operator in the country with 2.5 million mobile subscriptions, 0.7 million fixed broadband subscriptions, has 1800 full time employees.

Norling joined the broadband provider Bredbandsbolaget in 1999, where he held senior positions. In 2006, he was appointed head of Telenor Sweden’s fixed network and a year later he became CTO of Telenor Sweden. Since April 2009, Norling has served as CEO of Telenor Sweden.

Patrik Hofbauer

Telenor Sweden CEO Patrik Hofbauer

Patrik Hofbauer is currently the CEO of Telenor Broadcast and Canal Digital.

He has delivered solid financial growth after establishing in the Nordic TV distribution market. Some 920,000 households across the Nordics select Canal Digital as their DTH platform. Telenor Broadcast is a significant player in the European satellite transmission industry.

Hofbauer has held CEO positions in Clear Channel, NEC Scandinavia and Canal Digital Sweden.

Telenor Broadcast will finalize a new CEO soon.