Telenor offers innovative mobile data plan functionality with Google

Telenor said it will launch Mobile Data Plan functionality for Android-based smartphone customers in Thailand and Malaysia.
Telenor grows in AsiaTelenor subscribers — dtac in Thailand and Digi in Malaysia — can manage their mobile data plans and receive alerts when there is low data balance.

“This will provide customers who use Android devices with a better experience in managing their mobile data usage, more personalized offers, and the option to receive alerts enabling easy data purchases in the moment when needed,” said Svein Henning Kirkeng, chief marketing officer of Telenor Group.

Telenor said it will launch the feature, which is currently in pilot stage, targeting smartphone users in Thailand and Malaysia who have Android OS 4.0 or newer. Telenor will target other countries in the future.

“Mobile Data Plan roll out will give Telenor customers a simple way to manage their mobile data directly within Android,” said Matt Klainer, vice president, Consumer Communications Products at Google.

Telenor in 2016 tied up with Google on a Mobile Data Plan API that alerts Telenor customers on dtac and Digi networks in Thailand and Malaysia when reaching the end of their data quota while watching video content in the YouTube app, and enabled them to buy data directly from the app user interface.