TeliaSonera and Telenor sign network sharing agreement


Telia, TeliaSonera’s subsidiary in Denmark,
has entered into a network sharing agreement with Telenor in Denmark to create
Denmark’s best mobile network.



The companies will also establish a common
infrastructure company to operate the joint network. The agreement will have a
significant impact on both the customer experience and financial results.



The decision to merge our network
investments and network competencies is a milestone. Together, we will create
Denmark’s best mobile network and thereby provide the best customer experience
for users of smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband,” said Hakan Dahlstrom,
president business area mobility services, TeliaSonera.



High ambitions in Denmark With this
agreement, the two companies give each other access to existing towers in areas
where they would otherwise have had to build their own. In addition, future new
mobile towers will be built jointly by Telenor and
Telia in Denmark. This will reduce both companies’ spending on mobile
infrastructure while at the same time allowing them to expand the joint network
more quickly than they would have been able to do on their own.




TeliaSonera have
high ambitions in Denmark. To achieve these ambitions, we need to do two things
successfully, we need to provide a world-class customer experience, and we need
to secure the scale of our network to ensure that it is profitable to do
business in Denmark in the long term. By sharing networks, we are taking a
strategically important step on both fronts, making us better prepared to face
the competition,” Dahlstrom added.



Customers will begin to feel the effects of
the network partnership right away. As part of the agreement, Telenor and Telia
are already in the process of giving each other access to existing 2G and 3G
positions within the framework of the mobile tower legislation as well as
planning new joint 2G and 3G positions.



The partnership only covers the radio
access network, i.e. the antennas, towers and transmission equipment that
establish connections to mobile units. The partnership does not involve the two
companies’ core networks where their services are produced.



The core networks will continue to be operated
separately. Telia and Telenor will continue as two independent providers and
will in future also compete aggressively for customers through different
products, services and prices. Telenor and Telia have reported the
establishment of the new joint network company to the Danish Competition and
Consumer Authority.


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