TELUS adds 38 new solutions to IoT Marketplace

TELUS has added more than 30 new solutions to the IoT Marketplace since its December 2014 launch.

From smart restaurants to intelligent stores to connected farms, the TELUS IoT Marketplace offers ready-to-implement wireless network solutions to help businesses across a wide array of industries become more efficient, productive and profitable.
TELUS in Toronto
The TELUS IoT Marketplace is Canada’s largest portal for IoT solutions offering an online catalogue of IoT solutions. The TELUS IoT Marketplace enables Canadian businesses to identify and request a IoT solution that can be added as a monthly charge to their TELUS bill; simplifying the complexity and reducing the deployment time of IoT technology.

“IoT has clearly captivated Canadian business leaders by demonstrating it has tremendous power to make businesses more efficient and profitable,” said Shawn Sanderson, TELUS vice-president of Internet of Things.

At launch, the TELUS IoT Marketplace offered 38 solutions and over the last six months has doubled in size.

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