Three Business completes first phase of digital transformation project

Three Business has completed the first phase of its IT infrastructure project working with partners such as Amdocs, Docusign, Adobe, Tariffcom and Astute.
Three UK mobile network
The new digital transformation project will improve experience for customers across telesales, digital sales, indirect partners, and retail sales. Three UK and its partners transformed its Business IT infrastructure and not the company-wide IT infrastructure.

Three UK added more than 100 jobs for executing the digital transformation project. Three UK will add more jobs this year.

“We have completed phase one of our digital transformation providing a much improved modern, reliable business infrastructure to support our channel and customer experience,” Mike Tomlinson, Managing Director of Business, Three UK, said.

The new ecosystem will launch in January for all new customers with a gradual migration of existing customers over the next 12 months. Three UK has 9.6 million customers. Its network today covers 99 percent of the UK population and carries 28 percent of the UK’s mobile data traffic.

Three UK is part of the CK Hutchison Holdings which has mobile operations in 11 countries. Three UK has more than 4,800 people across offices in Reading and Glasgow and 311 retail stores.