TIM plans 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots this year

Telecom Lead America: TIM is planning 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots this year in Brazilian telecom market.

Rafael Marquez, marketing director at TIM

At present, Linktel’s network is available in 16 states and includes several establishments, such as malls, hotels, airports and restaurants. The company is present in 130 countries through its partnerships and is already the greatest gateway for visitors from abroad in the use of Wi-Fi services in Brazil.

TIM has signed a partnership with Linktel Corporate, a Brazilian Wi-Fi carrier, aiming at increasing its TIM Wi-Fi cell site in 1,500 hotspots, and expected to reach a total of 10,000 hotspots in Brazil until the end of this year.

“With the expansion of the number of wireless devices connected to the internet and the growth in the demand for high-speed data traffic, TIM Wi-Fi is an efficient alternative in the carrier’s view, and, at the same time, it intensifies the browsing experience in the client’s view. The partnership with Linktel brings TIM clients high hotspots coverage in strategic places, where there is a great demand for mobile broadband connectivity,” said Rafael Marquez, marketing director at TIM Intelig.

The service provided in the partnership with Linktel will be available with no additional cost to all of the Infinity Web and Liberty Web data plans clients.

TIM has implemented wireless connectivity in 12 main airports in the country. The company has already made TIM Wi-Fi available at Parque Madureira, in Rio’s north section, and announced the beginning of the Wi-Fi coverage project at Sao Janu├írio stadium, owned by soccer club Vasco da Gama.

TIM plans to extend such initiative to other areas where there is a great population and 3G traffic concentration, such as communities, hotels, restaurants and universities.

“This is an unprecedented initiative. We are offering a safe and high-tech connection on high level businesses in specific spots for TIM clients,” said Jonas Trunk, chairman of Linktel.

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