TIM to teach Internet and technology skills in Italy

TIM announced the launch of a project of digital inclusion, aiming to teach Internet and new technology skills to 1 million people in Italy.
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TIM will have more than 400 trainers for a 20,000-hour lesson programme reaching all 107 Italian provinces.

The initiative called Operation Digital Renaissance is supported by European Commission Representation in Italy and supports the Digital Republic Manifesto promoted by the Special Government Commissioner for the fulfilment of the Digital Agenda.

TIM Academy will lead the training program that involves more than 400 TIM coaches who will deliver over 20 thousand hours of teaching by the end of 2020, engaging associations, local social and meeting centres, sports clubs and senior centres, to spread the digital skills, said TIM’s CEO Luigi Gubitosi.

TIM trainers will reach people how to surf the web, communicate and access digital PA services such as sending certified emails, changing general practitioner, or paying bills online). Classes designed specifically for SMEs will also be hosted at the TIM Academies.

TIM’s team will travel throughout the country, stopping in municipalities with a population of between 10k and 60k for 3-week long courses on digital. A mobile school will be parked in the main squares of the municipalities to inform and involve citizens and businesses with dedicated coaching.