Tismi Mobile’s U.K MVNO to be powered by Roamware

Telecom Lead Europe: Tismi Mobile will be operational as a full service MVNO in UK, powered by Roamware’s MVNE platform.

Tismi has a MVNO license for the UK and will use Roamware’s core network to launch retail MVNO services and will also offer this platform as a wholesale service to other MVNOs who want to launch in the UK. Tismi will also provide carrier services such as termination of calls and SMS.

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Tismi will offer innovative retail subscriber services to niche subscriber segments that are not well served currently. It will provide platform services to other MVNOs who want to launch in the UK as well as carrier services.

“For all this, we needed a flexible and innovative MVNE platform and Roamware’s MVNE platform is the perfect fit to our business model,” said Jan Willem Bogert, COO, Tismi Mobile BV.

Roamware’s MVNE platform provides an Integrated Core2SIM solution which offers everything from state of the art Core Network, OSS/BSS, Customer Care, Roaming, Local, Custom VAS and SIM services on a single platform, allowing MVNOs to offer a variety of retail and wholesale services to customers.

Tismi has an innovative business model which needed a platform that would support both wholesale and retail models with innovative carrier and value added services.

Tismi Mobile B.V. is an innovative international mobile telecom operator and holds MVNO licenses in several European countries. European Operations include hubs in The Netherlands, UK, Germany and Switzerland. Tismi offers mobile solutions to business and wholesale markets and owns 50+ brands.

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